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Navigate Boomer Media is a full-service Managed Programmatic Solutions Provider that uniquely utilizes a momentum-based methodology to trading media. Our approach is superior in taking advantage of the supply and demand of real-time media inventory across display, rich media, video, mobile, text, native, social, search, and radio. We provide end-to-end solutions to agencies and marketers alike, leading them to an empowered and successful participation in the fastest growing form of media buying.

Today's modern blended media ecosystem is about tools, strategy and simplification. Navigate Boomer Media seizes opportunities to connect consumers with relevant messaging across today's most essential media channels. By harnessing a full-funnel marketing approach through the spectrum of momentum-based trading methodologies, Navigate Boomer Media has the power to price and deliver relevant and personalized advertisements in real-time. We leverage large volumes of data to efficiently and effectively engage and convert customers.

Partnering with our clients to deliver optimized advertising placements based on data, behaviors and intent, Navigate Boomer Media programmatic ad buys reach customers effectively and increase sales volume. Our proven approach has resulted in highest ROAS for local, regional and national brands across a wide range of business categories, to include retail/e-commerce, hospitality and tourism, automotive, health care and education.

Case Study Programmatic
Challenge: Drive business to multiple US locations reaching women with HHI over $100K who like to travel
Solution: Used datafilters, geography, HHI, gender, interest
Result: $50,000 media buy over 5 months delivered ROI of $753,000

Case Study Social Media
Challenge: Brand awareness and new customers
Solution: Leveraged World Cup promotion on FB, Twitter, Pinterest with hashtags, consistent posts, images and key words
Result: Increased traffic to site by 41% and increased new customers by 32% over 3 months

Case Study Blogging
Challenge: Increase web traffic and SEO
Solution: Increased blog posts from 1X month to 2X week over 6 months and increased social media posts on Twitter and FB
Result: Increased ranking on Quantcast from 379,000 to 43,782 and tripled website traffic over 8 months

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